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September 04, 2020 3 min read

Diabetes is a chronic disease marked by high sugar levels in bloodstream that cause a number of distressing symptoms. Diabetes render the affected person suffer not only from jeopardized metabolism but also from serious complications like cardiovascular disease, chronic renal failure, and retinal damage. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet that can ward off this problem; however, a healthy change in lifestyle combined with natural treatment supplements can help a great deal in decreasing the distressing symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes is known as a metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar level, either because the pancreatic glands do not produce enough insulin or body cells do not properly respond to the insulin produced. The pancreas is located just behind the liver and secretes insulin, a type of hormone responsible for using body to store and utilize glucose.

Diabetes can be divided into three types:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes

In this condition, the body creates very little or no insulin, sue to reason unidentified as yet. Though it can occur at any age but children and teens are more likely to contract it.


  1. Type 2 Diabetes

This type of diabetes is marked by insulin resistance that occurs when patients’ cells stop responding to the insulin produced by the pancreatic glands. Adults are more prone to this problem mainly because of obesity.

  1. Gestational Diabetes

When a woman who does not have diabetes previously suffers from high blood sugar during pregnancy, she is said to have to gestational diabetes, which may a symptom for diabetes type 2.


Moringa and Diabetes

Moringa is an important healing remedy for diabetes patients because its ingredients are characterized with such qualities as can decrease the symptoms of this hard-to-cure- disease.


  1. Oleic Acid

First of all, Moringa seeds, obtained from the pods of this tree, are a major source of oleic acid. It is a monounsaturated fatty acid that does not synthesize with other fats; this is the main reason that oleic acid is very helpful in treating diabetes. It reverses the glucose and cholesterol abnormalities caused by diabetes. It bridges the insulin-need of the body caused by improper functions of pancreas. Moreover, it also lowers the total cholesterol level and raises the levels of high-density lipoproteins thus brining the metabolism of the body in balanced proportion.


  1. Vitamin C

As a rich source of vitamins, Moringa leaves contribute in decreasing the symptoms of diabetes. In it, vitamin C is present in sufficient amount, even more than the orange. Usually, diabetes is triggered due to the deficiency of vitamin C that adversely affects the function of pancreas and prevents it from secreting insulin. However, Moringa, as a source of vitamin C, fulfills the body requirements and helps the pancreas secrete insulin at a normal level.


  1. Vitamin E

In diabetes type 2, body cells do not respond to the insulin production and lead to the high level of glucose in bloodstream. Moringa trees are also a major source of vitamin E that serves as a regulatory agent to maintain the normal functions of cells. Since cells stop responding to insulin when they are affected by toxic chemicals, Moringa’s vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant, is a very helpful remedy to help the body cells get rid of toxin chemicals and transport the insulin in a proper manner.


Louise Harris
Louise Harris