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Offering generational Health through plant based therapy has always been Mor Essentials mission.
During this pandemic it became very clear to everyone that having a strong immune system and building our immune systems with plant based products was essential to give ourselves a fighting chance. Giving your growing and developing child the nutrients to thrive is part of where generational health starts.
Our Immunitea & pure moringa powders have helped the lactating women in our family. Not only does Moringa provide your body and breast milk with a power house full of vitamins and minerals, but it helps to increase your milk supply. Your breast milk is key in developing and growing a healthy child.
Being a Registered Nurse whose duty it is to advocate and educate those in need, we would love to partner with shelters & homeless mothers’ facilities to help build their immunity & breastmilk nourishment to help lactating mothers pass on key nourishment for  their precious babies while breast feeding.
As I mentioned, partnering with a organization that educates & helps under served, under privileged & single lactating mothers, will allow us to provide Pure Moringa Powder for teas, smoothies & a health addition to oatmeal and salads etc.
Mothers can provide their precious babies with the most nutritious breast milk to build their immune system & give them and their babies a healthy start from day 1 to thrive.