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DesIher -Neroli Essential Body oil

DesIher, Is a decadent essential oil blend (3/4 essential oil 1/4 apricot oil) consisting of Neroli (Citrus Aurantium), sweet orange(h vanilla( vanilla planifolia) and Apricot seed oil. This can be used as a body oil, all natural perfume or a base for DIY projects. This product contains no alcohol, synthetic chemicals or parabens. MIX. MELT. MASSAGE. One of the key constituents in sweet orange essential oil and Neroli essential oil  Is Limonene. It has been studied extensively for its ability to combat tumor growth.

Neroli(Citrus Aurantium)- It can take 100 pounds of flour blossoms to make 1 pound of essential oil. Highly regarded by the ancient Egyptian‘s for its ability to heal the mind, body and spirit. It’s uses are for anxiety, depression and skin conditions. One of the key constituents in neroli Is Limonene. It has been studied extensively for its antitumoral effects.

Sweet Orange(citrus sinensis)-Has been studied and used for it’s Uplifting and anti-depressant effects. It’s key constituent is limonene.

Vanilla(vanilla planifolia)- Uplifts mood through vanilloid receptor action in the brain. 

Apricot oil -  moisturize the skin with high levels of vitamin E and vitamin K. It is versatile and possesses multiple benefits.