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Tumez Oil 1oz spray Bottle

"A Drop with a Pop"MoR Essentials TUMEZ is an essential oil combination that is  blended with cold pressed black seed oil ,peppermint(mentha piperta) and ginger essential oil(Zingiber officinale) it is primarily used for Tummy relief, gas, flatulence,or nausea. It can Also be used for respiratory related issues and  as a body oil blended with a carrier oil or add some drops to your bath water for a therapeutic bath.this is a potent essential oil blend that you only need one drop of in 8 ounces of water. It also can be blended with carrier oil so that you can achieve more uses. 

This formula is natural effective way to help provide immediate relief if you experience vomiting  an upset stomach,stomach ulcers, indigestion or menstrual cramps .

You can apply topically over your stomach or use one drop in a glass of water (hot or cold). This is very effective if you experience vomiting  an upset stomach,stomach ulcers, indigestion or menstrual cramps .

Peppermint (mentha piperta)According to a review conducted by the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, peppermint has significant antimicrobial and antiviral activities. It also works as a strong antioxidant, displays anti-tumor actions in lab studies, shows anti-allergenic potential and pain-killing effects, helps to relax the gastrointestinal tract.

Ginger(Zingiber officinale)Of the 115 different chemical components found in ginger root, the therapeutic benefits come from gingerols, the oily resin from the root that acts as a highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Ginger essential oil is also made up of about 90 percent sesquiterpenes, which are defensive agents that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.The bioactive ingredients in ginger essential oil, especially gingerol, have been thoroughly evaluated clinically, and the research suggests that ginger should be used on a regular basis.

Black Seed Oil(Nigella sativa):The key to understanding the health benefits of black seed oils lies in the presence of three key natural phytonutrients: thymoquinone (TQ), thymohydroquinone (THQ) and thymol. These incredible phytochemicals lead to all kinds of amazing black seed oil benefits.

Compounds in black seed oil have also been analyzed for their antifungal properties. In an effort to offer a solution to the growing antifungal resistant problem people have with yeasts and molds, a recent study was conducted with the purpose of determining if Nigella sativa seed oil could help.

Published in the Egyptian Journal of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, scientists tested thymol, TQ and THQ against 30 human pathogens and were surprised to discover that:

  • Each compound showed 100 percent inhibition for the 30 pathogens evaluated.
  • Thymoquinone was the best antifungal compound against all of the tested dermatophytes and yeasts, followed by thymohydroquinone and thymol.
  • Thymol was the best antifungal against molds followed by TQ and THQ.

Stop using chemicals and start using plant essences."Spray Away" This can be used as a body mist, air freshner,  fragrance, sanitizer base(add to soaps, lotions etc. Give your water a boost with just one drop or use for your baking needs.... liquid flavor.

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Please refer to our Essential oil Benefits page to read about the ingredients(essential oils) medicinal benefits.